Unwritten Rules of Life: Peacocks Are Awesome

Networking, networking, and more networking:

In this episode we cover the topic of, you guessed it, networking! If you’ve been listening you know that this is a frequent topic of discussion. There’s a reason for this though, it works. Nothing can make more of a difference in your job search than a referral, a piece of advice from a neighbor, or a connection made via a warm introduction. To paraphrase a very smart man, networks are like lawns. Planting a lawn seed by seed sucks and it definitely does not result in what looks like a lawn at first. However treat it well and not only will it grow, it will eventually grow on its own. With proper care of course.

This episode focuses on where to network and the results you should expect to see. Not liking LinkedIn is no longer an excuse to not network as there are opportunities all around you that we will show you how to seek out and pursue. From those opportunities we tell you how to continue growing your network and touch on a future episode topic, the all important follow up.

Thanks for listening!

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Unwritten Rules of Life: Jobless Anonymous Ep. 1

Transitioning and Networking:

This is our first podcast concerning the Unwritten Rules of Life. We talk about things you didn’t even know you needed to know. Having had our kids and other kids we know recently go through the job hunt, our podcast focuses on joblessness and the various remedies to it.

Not a short topic, but a short podcast to get you started. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments either on social or our WordPress.

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