Boxers and Ballgowns: The Nitty-Gritty

Just a little disclaimer before we begin here, this is neither Sue or Denise writing this. This is actually Denise’s son Jack (you’ll probably hear me every now and again on the podcast) who is helping produce the online content as well as the podcast. I’m here to boil down Sue and Denise’s excellent advice into a written format with a little added here and there where my experience, having just gone through the hiring process for the first time out of college, tells me I should.

This podcast revolves mainly around making sure your appearance replicates your personality, allowing you to make the best first impression possible. I decided to synthesize Sue and Denise’s advice by making a schedule and a chart. Both the chart and the schedule are just guides and can be modified based on your judgement, especially the times in the schedule. As soon as I got a job I turned into an old man. Warning, this might happen to you as well if it hasn’t already.

1:00 PM the night before

Clean your clothes! Yes, obviously your clothes need to be fresh and washed but they need to be ironed, too. I don’t care who does it, you, your Mom, or a friend it needs to get done. Guys, I’m looking at you mostly (including myself).

5:00 PM the night before

Pick out what you want to wear AND TRY IT ON. Now this is really the meat of this podcast. Sue and Denise go into detail regarding this but here are some pointers and a helpful chart to get you pointed in the right direction

  1. When in doubt, dress professionally.
  2. What are you trying to convey? Your outfit should do the groundwork for you! For example, if you are interviewing for a position at a law firm a suit and tie is probably a bare minimum. A watch, nice bag, and a tie clip might show the interviewer you are more put together than the average person. Instead of a suit and tie, maybe something a little more colorful if you’re applying for a creative role.
  3. Google the person you’re meeting and other people you admire in the industry and emulate them! Most importantly if they’re casual, step it up a notch. Don’t walk into a marketing interview looking like Gary Vee, you need to earn your stripes before casual dress is appropriate.
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7:00 PM the night before

Eat a good dinner! After dinner, look up where the meet up is one last time and check how long it’s going to take to get there from your house. Use Waze or Google Maps to use the “depart at” feature so average traffic data is factored in making sure you won’t be late.

10:00 PM the night before

Go to bed! Get 7-8 hours before your meetup and allow enough time to get up and have breakfast, even if it’s something as simple as coffee. Ten PM might be a little early for most of you, but I enjoy my sleep. Do whatever feels right, just don’t go to bed so late you end up sleeping through your alarm.

7:00 AM the morning of

Get up early and have a good breakfast! Even for those of you who don’t eat breakfast, have a cup of coffee or a small muffin. The last thing you want is to go to an interview and start having your hands shake from low blood sugar in the middle of it. Make sure to get up with plenty of time to shower, brush your teeth, apply plenty of deodorant, and do a last bit of interview prep.

*Side note, interview prep is one of our next podcasts so stay tuned.

9:00 AM the morning of

Get dressed and hit the road! Make sure to get on the road with PLENTY of time to get to the meeting or interview AT LEAST 15 minutes early. Early is on time, on time is late, and late is left behind to quote an old basketball coach of mine.

10:00 AM

Crush it!


Again, a lot of this is subjective to how quick you can get ready or when your coffee meet-up or interview is, but the general gist stays the same. Leave ample time and plan things out prior. Also, this may seem remedial to a lot of you and if that’s the case great! Just don’t let something so simple get you counted out.

Make sure to give the podcast a listen as well! Tons more valuable info there as well. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or ideas for future episodes make sure to let us know. Happy Easter!

– Jack

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