Unwritten Rules of Life: Do Be Preppy

Interview Preparation:

Don’t go into an interview blind! Doing your homework can be the difference between landing the job and not getting a call back.   We discuss what type of research you should be doing before an interview or meeting and how much of a difference that can make. Knowing about the company and the person you’re speaking with can help them see you as more than an interview candidate and can take the conversation to the next level. By asking questions that show you have done your homework, you can really impress the interviewer and make them want to hire you, or at the very least, make a great impression. There is no downside to being prepared!

We introduce a guest for this episode, Allison, who joins us to help exemplify this point with specific tips relevant to today’s recent grads. She talks about her experiences and the impact that preparation has made for her in both interviews and networking situations.

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